Yet another First for First Degree Systems! Zandi is the platform set to transform and revolutionise how we work with many aspects of the data that is produced by Window Designer and its related systems.

Zandi will be aimed at delivering simple, instant core business metrics across many of the standard operations the Window Designer platform offers. With its concise point and click interface, pre-designed widget style of navigation and on-screen interactive reporting Zandi allows instant results on details critical to running your business. Received orders, values quoted, product trends, customer value analysis and much more are just a click away.

Powerfull Front End Sales Order Processing Tools.

Zandi has all the tools you need to manage your quote to order process. Within Zandi, we have introduced the Pre-Quote/Pre-Order system. This allows users to capture the customer details, any planned requirements along with having a full set of CRM tools to go with it. Pre-planned content can then be seamlessly converted to Window Designer quotes/orders by the click of a button. Zandi then interacts with Window Designer and populates all the relevant data for you to then start configuring the customer’s requirement.

Once the quote/order has been saved, updates are sent up to Zandi linking the elements together so you can jump between the record types. On the back off all this data capture, we’ve added a set of order processing metrics for you to capture the status quo from anywhere, your data, made simple.

Indepth Customer Service Tools.

We’ve got your back with managing customer service. Zandi has a full suite of tools to manage customer service, from logging complaints to managing customer returns. We’ve added dashboards to give you a snapshot of any outstanding issues, returns and replacements along with giving you a workflow for items assigned to you to deal with.

Again, because we love analytics, we’ve added in a suite of metrics so you can assess where your fault areas are to give you the tools to be as proactive as possible!

Flexible Calendar System.

We’ve added a powerful, flexible scheduling system to Zandi. Whether you need to schedule a sales call, an installation or a service call we’ve got you covered! The scheduler has the capabilities for you to add different appointment types which you can then assign to teams. The filters then allow you to show all the appointments for given team(s) along with allowing you to filter by appointment type.

We’ve also added intuitive views to display the appointment, whether you need to look at what’s happening on a given day, week or month we’ve grouped all the appointments by type along with giving you the ability to colour code with whichever colour you want.

Best In Class Marketing Tools.

Marketing has never been easier! We’ve added a full suite of tools for you to manage campaigns, responses and ROI, and because we love analytics, we’ve added metric data on top for you to visually see what’s happening.

Campaign responses can then be converted to leads for you to track all the way back to source.

Project Management For The Commercial Sector.

Zandi Projects has been written with the commercial sector in mind, specifically for managing new build sites with multiple plots of houses to manufacture. Zandi Projects gives you a full set of tools to manage all aspects of the fenestration side of a project, whether it’s delegating a task or tracking remedial works for the project.

We’ve added all the analytical tools for you to track if the project is on budget and what profitability it’s running at. Like all the areas in Zandi, we’ve added the best bits of CRM, you can add documents, and collaboratively communicate on the project. Always securely accessible from any device.

Visual Production Planning.

Here at FDS we understand the difficult task of keeping the manufacturing plant running as optimal and as efficient as possible, so we’ve added tools for you to manage how each production line is loaded.

We then display this in a user-friendly format for you to see if a line is over capacity, or if you need to level load over a period of time. Zandi gives you the tools to dissect this information, make informed decisions, then manipulate your production and seamlessly update the data within your local production system.