Window Designer.

Accepted as the leading Fenestration software solution, from its inception First Degree Systems Window Designer has always delivered cutting-edge functionality coupled with the required sales and manufacturing functionality demanded by today’s fenestration industry.
First Degree Systems suite of software starts with Window Designer. Window Designer allows the design, pricing and manufacture of practically any style and shape of frame or door, including curved frames, composite doors and bi-folds. Whether it is trade, retail or commercial business, numerous pricing and multi-level discount structures can be implemented to cater for almost any situation.

Best In Class Configurator.

Almost any design of Window and Doors can be created from within Window Designer 8’s interface.
This flexible Configurator has controls allow for many options to be arranged to suit the needs of the customer.
Warnings and errors assist the user as they progress to ensure users are alerted to things before completing the product.
Window styles can be created easily and added to your style book. Bays, Bows, Flags can all be handled with ease
Prices based on selections and are built up as you process discounts and customer defaults are simple to create.

Cloud Options.

Now you and your customer can be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using Window Designer Cloud options, the fully hosted web interface to your Window Designer installation, you can work almost anywhere*. Using the very latest cloud technology, Window Designer Cloud can be accessed from any internet enabled computer.

*Subject to suitable internet connection and compatible HTML5 browser

The retailer option allows your customers to create instant quotes, release jobs to manufacture and check the status of orders live and in real time. Window Designers Cloud options allow you to take on your own system while safe in the knowledge it’s secure and backed up. Speeding up and simplifying the whole quotation, order and processing of goods for manufacture is critical in the day to day requirement of a fabricator. Cloud Retailer speeds up the whole process from point of sale through to manufacture.

The Cloud Retailer system can work for either a fabricators customers or as wider depot network solution. The quote is input remotely by the customer upon conversion to an order the details are sent electronically to the fabrication centre. At this point the order can be reviewed and if the fabricator is happy to accept the order the detail is absorbed directly into manufacture without the requirement to re-input details.

Cloud Retailer saves time, avoids the mistakes of duplicating details and avoids many of the pricing bottlenecks associated with manual processing.
The simple pay as you go structure makes this an affordable solution and a powerful asset to your customer as this allows them to have a light version of Window Designer that allows them to price to their customer and print professional quality stationery as well as being able to add a limited range of customer own options to aid in their business.

Three options  Standard, Starter and Pro give businesses the options needed and the flexibility a modern cloud based system brings while offering distinct simple layered options for your business. Simply select the best option to suit your needs.

all three options are a fully hosted version of Window Designer, with a mix of different modules and price plans that brings the available options of a locally installed version of Window Designer, but accessible from the cloud, any time, anywhere via a secure platform.

Bill Of Materials Your Way.

At the core of Window Designer is the Material file (Bill of Materials) this core component tells the system how the respective parts work.
Each material file holds both manufacture information as well as pricing structures and is a key component that the system uses to create each window.
These material files in the first instance can be purchased and we work closely with major systems houses to ensure we keep these as up to date as possible.
Purchasing a material file saves days of work, but no two companies work in the same manner and as such we often customise material files to suit the needs of a customer. This work is undertaken at cost by our experienced engineers and are a dedicated set of industry professionals with years of experience between them that can help direct you and visualise our ideas.

Custom Reporting System.

Reports are a Key part for any business, whether it’s the built in quotation or order details, or if it’s a set of custom reports dedicated to the customers’ needs. Window Designer allows for a vast array of reports to be designed by the user or purchased ready made.
Create your look, design form your way by using either RBE or Fast Reports the report engine can assist any customer looking to get the most from Window Designer.
Requires Additional plug in

Bar Optimiser.

Window Designers profile optimiser engine is one of the most efficient available and allows optimisation based on a multiplicity of options. It supports multiple production lines, automated sub-batching, V and Y notching and of course, links to every saw and machining centre on the market. Links are also available to ancillary machinery such as welders, cleaners and automated assembly lines.
Window Designer has a full range of reporting tools including a custom report writer available allowing the extraction and presentation of any information required – this can also include graphs and charts etc. The result of over 20 years of continual refinement and development, Window Designer has an unrivalled pedigree in the fenestration industry.

Window Designer 8, brings greater functionality, integration and reduced training overhead in this feature-rich package.
Window Designer 8 sees the simple front end, point and click features of our Fengo2 product integrated into this new version of Window Designer, allowing for the Classic Window Designer, a Hybrid option or the full Fengo2 interface within the processing screens of the software.
Window Designer 8 will see additional Zandi integration as FDS expand on the Zandi platform that will drive all the new innovations planned for this version of Window Designer.

Bays, Bows, Lead and Georgian Bar Design.

Bays, Bow and Flagged Frames are fully supported in Window Designer. Designs can be entered using practically any method known to surveyor or salesmen.
Both structural and non-structural items are catered for and the software automatically calculates and generates all the necessary frames, cills and pole assemblies etc. Georgian and Leaded Designs are an integral part of the software and can be directly added to any frame, bay or conservatory.
It is often necessary to couple frames together and support for this is provided by the Curtain Wall facility. Whether it’s a shop front or something bigger the software permits the user to design and maintain not only the curtain wall itself but also generate and automatically maintain and resize the door and window inserts.