Stock Assistant.

Stock Assistant is a powerful integrated stock management system offering just in time stock ordering to fulfil the ever growing needs of the Fenestration industry.
Working off the back of production dates within Window Designer, Stock Assistant simplifies the entire stock management process by pre-allocating requirements based on lead times and stock holding.
Replacing the need to do full stock checks with the ability to have perpetual checks allows for cleaner simpler stock controls.

The free included App allows for location-based stock checking as well as being able to accept deliveries on the fly.
Stock barcodes can be created making calling up respective products from the app simple, this coupled with the ability to add supplier barcodes means that registering incoming stock and checking stock is simplified.
Built in accounts tools allow Stock Assistant to be linked to many of today’s popular accounts packages meaning that once checked off invoiced are auto reconciled.
Stock Assistant makes sense of your stock needs, your stock holding and can free up thousands of pounds of cash flow.

Window Designer Integration.

As to be expected with all FDS products, Stock Assistant is deeply integrated with Window Designer. From part mastering to Pre-Allocation, Window Designer passes Bill Of Materials information over to Stock Assistant which is then populated as Pre-Allocation data.

Base part data is transferred to Stock Assistant by the click of a button, all you need to add is a re-order level and a default supplier as minimum information. All the procurement centric data is then handled in Stock Assistant’s intuitive screens. Once all the supplier delivery information and part lead time data are added the Pre-Allocation system comes to life.

Represented by a traffic light system, visual queues are then given to the users to show when stock would be depleted.


Once Pre-Allocation data is populated, Stock Assistant’s purchasing wizard will take care of what parts need to be procured. Because Stock Assistant knows all the variables for when your suppliers will deliver to you and how long it takes for the relevant parts, the wizard will then ask you for some basic info and then generate purchase orders for each supplier that meets the criteria.

PO’s can then be sent electronically at the click of a button.