Production Manager.

Production Manager offers visual planning for greater productivity and is an essential tool for any fabricator. Now with multiple production lines, it’s on-screen T-Card system enables operators to drag and drop jobs for production or delivery from slot to slot and from day-to-day to suit the business and customer’s needs
Live views are available at a glance, including delivery schedules, production schedule summaries and production capacities. In addition, there is an integral Report Writer tool to enable users to design their own reports.

Multiple Production Lines.

Planning shop floor loads has never been easier, Production manager splits out products across any lines set up and you see instantly works as it’s added to the system.

No more asking production if products can or can’t be made. Production Managers hassle free line loading simplifies the entire process
The planning calendar feeds into production allowing for best available options on manufacture dates based on the capacity rules engine and by saving a job it allocates there and then.

Intergrated Delivery Manager.

Delivery manager now incorporated in Production Manager and allows for the creation of routes. The pre-defined delivery runs allow the system to pre-assign work depending on a route. Once allocated to a route, Production manager will plan the production accordingly.
Need flexibility? No problem! Dates can be set manually overriding the system at any time.
Need to move something? It’s easy! Production manager’s drag and drop calendar system allows users the flexibility needed.
Production Manager brings vital information to front-end users like never before.