Innovation has always been a cornerstone of First Degree Systems strategy, from the original inception of Window Designer, First Degree Systems have lead the way, pushing the boundaries of application capability. With Fengo² this is set to continue.
Fengo² works without the need for a mobile data connection, with all pricing calculations done on device. Fengo² offers a full high resolution photo realistic colour interface with reports generated, displayed and printed from the device again without the need for an Internet connection.

It’s fast, simple and customer focused, with a visual front end that makes for the ultimate sales and survey experience. Fengo² offers customisable help & advice buttons at all levels allowing additional information to be added to help the user navigate with ease.
Automatic synchronisation via the cloud has been added to make it hassle free for end users to send & receive information to and from your Window Designer installation, eliminating the need for reprocessing information.

In 2014 the original Fengo ushered in a whole new world of possibilities Fengo² dramatically expands on this.
FDS has taken the best parts from the original Fengo system and in addition, have taken on board the feedback from customers to produce what is arguably the best mobile platform for the fenestration industry.

Fengo² sees the mainstay of Window Designer’s abilities such as Windows & Doors come to life as photo-realistic images.
Coupled with the composite door modelling and all hardware options shown on the product this means the customer sees exactly what they are buying.
Furthermore, Fengo² sees other additions such as Visual Extras & Garage Door designer options. Fengo² is set to prove yet again that it is the number one option for the fenestration industry.

Fengo² – fast, sleek and simple, reducing costs and driving sales.

Intuitive Interface.

Being able to capture all your requirements whilst with the customer is key. Fengo2’s stunning visuals and intuitive design allows you to work closely with clients to not only establish need but show the result.
Windows and doors can show both internal and external views and the cutting edge design engine allows users to see the actual handles and other hardware options in location on the product.

Intuitive “tap for info” system allows the selection tiles to bring additional information to the user. This, in turn, allows for additional helpful information to be at the fingertips of the user.

The flexibility of Fengo2 continues with the ability to create advisory products that will bring notifications and warnings to the customer’s attention allowing the content creators to advise and inform on various requirements of specific products.

Sign On Screen.

Fengo2 isn’t just about the simple interface! Included in the system is an advanced set of tools such as Sign on Screen & Photo designer.
With Sign on Screen you can capture signatures on a PDF created within the device allowing you to reduce paperwork and improve workflow. Simply email signed documents to where they need to go.

Sign on Screen makes capturing essential customer agreements simpler than ever, Sign on screen helps the user confirm with the customer essential information, reducing errors and speeding up the critical flow of information.
Photo Designer brings realism and your designs to life. Simply take a picture of the property or upload one to the device and use the simple tools provided to square up the image or create masks then select your window designs from the side bar.
Photo Designer lets the customer get a true representation of how products would look when installed in their property.