Barcode Tracking.

Barcode Tracking seems quite straight forward, scan a product to find out what to do, then capture its movements. Seems simple? In reality, Barcode Tracking is a very complex set of instructions that are tailored around your unique working practices.

We have developed a system that gives full visibility of the work running through a given production facility. If connected to our Stock Assistant system, stock can be allocated automatically on the scanned frames making for a much clearer and simpler production control system.
By introducing buffers and voids at set up the whole process can be tailored to give improved clarity and ease of use knowing exactly where a product is at any time.

Planning and Installation.

All Barcode Tracking orders start life with a detailed quotation based around the customer’s requirement. We outline with the customer the station requirement and the setup of any buffers or voids required. This also helps the customer establish the hardware requirement needed for the installation.* Our team would then typically implement the installation on the customer’s site away from the factory floor to allow for full testing prior to roll out. This is normally done within the office space to allow for a safe risk free environment. Once testing is complete this allows the finished and tested service to be rolled out with ease allowing for full staff buy in during the training process.

*Hardware, Electrical & Network supply is not included the customer will be required to have services in place to allow the installation to proceed

Buffers & Voids.

Buffers and voids allow your work to be directed very much like a train on rails, the great advantage of buffers is that it can control or push other work. An example of this is that if you have frames and sashes coming into respective buffers or voids if we say for instance the frame is ready and cleaned the system can increase the priority on the sashes to allow all parts to come together more smoothly and improve workflow without manual intervention.

Buffers can also be configured with the staff training settings of Barcode Tracking, this will control what types of products an operative is qualified to work on. So when they scan their ID, Barcode Tracking will inform the operative to collect only what they are able to work on, keeping the production workflow smooth.

Detail & Examples.

All Barcode Tracking stations can work with the Event Server System allowing for many things through the production and delivery process to be automated. For example, raise an invoice at delivery point, send a text message if the buffer is full, tell a collection customer their job is ready and much more. See Event Server for more details.

Below are some example stations but our solution is so flexible we can tailor it to your needs.

Example Stations

  • Saw or Line Start

  • Reinforcement

  • Welding

  • Hanging Sash or Door

  • Beading

  • QC

  • Ancillary

  • Despatch

  • Delivery App

  • Glass Scanning

Barcode Tracking Training.

Our Barcode Tracking training facility is available for any customer wishing to understand more about how Barcode Tracking could help their business. Get in touch with us today to see how we could improve your factory processes and deliver efficiencies within your workspace.