Taking things to the next level and offering the power of live metrics, CRM and business intelligence to all levels of user.

This secure hosted platform is a pure powerhouse of information. Connecting to Window Designer it allows for two way functionality allowing you to oversee your business and workflows like never before.

Capturing information from Window Designer and any connected Cloud Retailer systems you now can see products and values quoted, order received, review customers trends, view order details, ticket customer issues, track returns, assign works, plan projects, view sales pipelines, book diary appointments to connected works and much more.

User access permissions mean that a user only sees what they are allowed to see keeping critical business information securely locked to those who need it.


Never has the need for simplicity been so great yet the products offered so complex.

Fengo² offers the best of both worlds. Fast, simple and customer focused, with a visual front end that makes for the ultimate sales and survey experience.

Set up Fengo² with your product range and it becomes child’s play to process quotes and orders, Print or email reports directly from the device, add photo realistic windows to a customer’s photo and much more.

All designs and pricing is built in and therefore no internet is no problem. The system allows for branding of splash screens so you look at your best whenever you use it. Simply click to sync when you have an internet connection and its back on the main system in seconds.

Requires a functioning Window Designer installation and suitable device.


The backbone of our integrated systems, the powerful Window Designer program gives you the tools to drive your business and deliver flexibility needed for today’s product offerings available in:


Process quotations from anywhere – within the office, at a satellite location or even at the customer’s home


Production Manager offers visual front end planning for greater productivity and is an essential tool for any fabricator.  No more asking if something can get made or delivered! The logic engine in Productions Manager allows each product you manufacture to carry timings, the system then uses these timings to plan the manufacture and delivery.

Need more time? Simple, you tell Production Manager how much over production you will allow daily and the simple colour bars on each day give you fast capacity visuals. Want flexibility? Its easy Production Manager allows for you to override and specify production or delivery dates

Now with multiple production lines, it’s on screen T-Card system enables operators to drag and drop jobs for production or delivery from slot to slot and from day-to-day to suit the business and customer’s needs


Fully integrated into Window Designer the Stock Assistant module streamlines your stock management, saving you time and money.
Forecasting your stock requirement based on planned production offers a simple yet effective option for stock control. Whether you are looking to backfill fast moving stock or order to need, Stock assistant gives you the information and offers the flexibility you require.


Adding Barcode Tracking to your fabrication lines has never been easier. Our expert team make it simple to implement and with options starting with as little as 4 stations it has the ability to eliminate many if not all of the manual paper-driven processes of manufacture.

With the ability to be linked to our Stock Assistant software for live downgrading of stock products it provides definitive information on WIP.
Delivering clear & concise production data you can find the location of all products in real time. The more stations you implement the greater that information cycle. With a built-in mini event system it’s possible to set up additional triggers to inform your team at key points of certain actions such as rejections as well as being able to be linked to the full FDS Event Server system for more advanced requirements.

Reduce the need for paper, speed of the control cycle and gain transparency of what is manufactured and more.


Linking our software to the widest range of factory floor machinery ensures First Degree Systems has the most flexible system on the market.
Our team of developers and engineers are on hand to help every step of the way.


“Zandi is worth its weight in gold!
Great reporting tool and is used throughout our company.”

Andrew Nicholas, Indigo Products

“The relationship between the Customade Group and First Degree Systems is a strong and mutually-respected one, built up over many years. It has gone from strength-to-strength, developing into a trusted partnership. First Degree Systems brings knowledge and years of experience to the fenestration industry which allows the Customade Group to focus on running our business.”

Simon Ellway, Customade Group

“Sash UK have partnered alongside FDS since the beginning. Windows designer is a flexible configurator that accommodates all Sash UK’s order processing requirements. Windows designer adds extra value to the business with modules for stock, production management, factory barcode tracking and despatch. The WDCloud Saas allows our customers to quote and create orders that can be released to manufacture. Our working relationship with the FDS team is fantastic and they go beyond expectation when required.”

Steve Spencer, Sash UK